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8 December 2004

Scott Farr of Flotilla 11 04 is a unique young man.  Most of our members who have Coast Guard experience are retired and do Auxiliary work using their Active Duty experience.  Scott became an Auxiliarist first and at one time was the youngest Flotilla Commander in the district.  He is a an Instructor and is Crew Qualified.   At the present time he is Ensign Scott Farr serving in the Coast Guard sfarr.jpg (36923 bytes)

A March 2008 update:

After graduating from Officer Candidate School in 2004, Scott was
assigned to the USCG Ceremonial Honor Guard where he conducted Coast
Guard funerals at Arlington National Cemetery, Joint Service honor
ceremonies at the Pentagon, White House and Tomb of the Unknowns, and
participated in Parades and traveled across the country for various
public affairs missions.

June 2006, LTJG Scott Farr reported to USCG Station Seattle as the
Executive Officer, where he is responsible for the Station's
organization, including daily work, training, good order/discipline,
review & approval of purchase requests, admin for 80+ active duty and
reserve members & fiscal oversight of 2 departments.  He is also a
qualified tactical crewman on the 41'UTB and 25' Defender Class boats
and qualified Maritime Law Enforcement Boarding Officer.

Scott is still a member of Flotilla 11-05, but more importantly, he
married his college sweetheart and in September of 2007 became the
father of a bouncing baby boy.

Scott in his working clothes


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4 December 2004

Coastie got a ride in the Christmas Parade in Cadiz, KY  coast2.jpg (79153 bytes) he shouted and sang to all th boys and girls and kept an eye on Santa and PFD sclaus.jpg (31629 bytes) Panda who rode in the boat.

22 August 2004

A short story by the Publication officer of flotilla 8-11 is here and some photos of the adventure.

foot.jpg (70571 bytes) The "Foot of Broadway" in Paducah, KY from the Ohio River.

ohio.jpg (83359 bytes) On Coors and Haven II taken from the Ruby B.

rubyb.jpg (109871 bytes)  The Ruby B tying up in Barkley Lock on the Cumberland River.


And a Man Overboard drill at recovery point. mob.jpg (125640 bytes) MOB was Fred Fender 

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OPFAC 19096Ecapnron.jpg (62527 bytes) at Center Hill Blitz of '03 on Center Hill Lake.


OPFAC 24460Edotroy.jpg (146788 bytes) on patrol in Sandusky Bay in Lake Erie


OPFAC 21517E toytoo.jpg (71115 bytes) doing a 4th of July patrol on........The Cumberland River at Nashville.


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