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On-line Exam - Update - Pass / Fail Information On-line Exam - Update - Pass / Fail Information

The staff at NTC has updated the on line exam program.

Over the past year, more and more members reported problems in receiving grading emails from the on line exam system. In most cases, other than bad email address, the problem was traced to members computer setting for anti-spam and virus protection programs. Additionally, many members' (ISP)internet service provider, had installed programs that re-directed email, which called for the member to review and approve the sender. Those types of email problems are well beyond the control of DirAux West/NTC to overcome.

Effective with all exams taken after 03/01/05 a member can check and verify they have passed or failed any on line exam. Members can go to this link - http://cgexams.info/testing/checkmypassingscore.asp and enter their member number.

If you have taken and passed any on line exam since 03/01/05 the page will refresh and show the exam by scrolling down the page. Again, once a member inputs their member number and presses submit, scroll down the page to see if a passing grade has been recorded. This webpage is linked directly to the exam results database and is upgraded as soon as the exam is graded. Only passed exam are shown.

If you do not see an exam posted, then a passing grade was not recorded.

The links below are to the FEMA website and will enable you to take the required ICS Training online.  Once completed, e-mail your passing test results to the director's office so it may be entered into AUXDATA.


A Mentoring Form for use with either Coxswain or Crew training saves the mentor from having to carry a bulky volume of paper.  In Adobe Format  Crew and Coxswain.  Thanks to George Groene, DSO-OP 8ER.


I Want To Know More:  Is there anything we can do to get you the training you want and/or need to be a better Auxiliarist? if yes, please complete the following form and submit to our attention for immediate reply.  If you  would rather mail directly, then click here.

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Here is a good description of the online testing process paperless "paper flow":


On Line exam results, letters and certificates. Here is the process.
Open book exams and closed book exams, both are database driven individually generated exams, each time a member clicks the page to take an exam. No 2 exams are the same. All the questions and answers have been cross referenced from the manual or study material. Pass or Fail, the member is notified of the section they missed, but not the question they missed.

When the submit button is pushed, the exam is graded within nano seconds and the results displayed on the computer screen. The exam results page can be printed out. If the member passed the system passes the info into another database, which members can check. It is at:
Just input your member number and any on line exam a member has passed since 3/01/05 will be displayed. Weekly that database is mined for all passed exams. The results of that mining, are feed into AuxCal. AuxCal then compares the member name and member number to Auxdata records. If a match is found then AuxCal generates a letter and/or certificate for that exam. AuxCal automatically signs all certificates and letters with a G-OCX signature, after all it is a G-OCX system. The letters and certificates for D7 are mailed to the FCs for distribution. All other districts, the letters and certificates are sent to their DirAux for mailing, per that Districts SOP.
After the letters and certificates are printed, a batch file is uploaded into AuxData, to update the members record. AuxData is mined weekly by AuxInfo and the information shows up after the Monday update.
So a time line looks like this.
1. Member takes exam, knows within seconds pass or fail and what they do not know.
2. AuxCal checks passing exam database each Wednesday and letters and certificates are printed for mailing.
3. Several Auxies - sort and mail letters and certificates to FC and to DirAux in other Districts.
4. AuxCal send batch file to AuxData, every Monday
5. Auxdata shares with Aux Info.

Bad things happen...member inputs wrong member number. AuxCal says not valid rejects record. Record destroyed in cyber time. Exam did not take place.

It is quick and easy system, built by a couple Auxies, known as the 'wild bunch'. It did not cost the Coast Guard, the Auxiliary, or Aux Inc a penny to build or maintain. The whole system has been donated to the Coast Guard. The system runs so well that the Army and navy use it. Several state agencies and other political subdivisions use it, the USPS uses it. Now it is being revamped to provide a total learning process for Safe Boating and on line testing for the public, and awaiting certification by the various states for approval. Just think, on demand safe boating certification, from any web enabled system, even your cell phone........brought to you by the 'wild bunch'