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Because you know it's somewhere!

Those things that you know have to be somewhere on that website because you got an e-mail last week and it said that form or note was on our District Website.


Below is a short description and a link to the form you wanted.

Flotilla Standing Rules, Sample and Guide is here.

Change of Administration Guides for Flotilla Commanders.

Change of Administration Guide for Division Commanders.

Flotilla Procedures Manual COMDTINST M16791.5  in Adobe is here.

The district form for expense reimbursement is here.

The cover sheet for Annual Materials and Finance report is here.

The link to publish an upcoming class is 

The link to the form for submitting a class to the district website is here.

The forms page for all the forms in Adobe is here.

The new eDirectory is here.

The form for applying for a District Staff position is here.

The form for a new ID card is here.

Staff Appointment letters for SO positions are here.

Staff Appointment letters for FSO positions are here.

Appointment certificates in  PowerPoint

Appreciation certificates in  PowerPoint  

To save a copy of the certificates right click and chose "Save target as"

A link for information on uniform wear and ordering from the National Dept. of Personnel is here and a handy reference
chart in Adobe is here.   The chart is one page and could be printed and taped to the closet door.

Uniform Distribution Center is here.

2006 Uniform Procurement guide is here.

The URL for listing a boating class is 

Unit reports, Financial and Materials Inventory are reported on Form 7025.  The reports must be accompanied by a cover sheet.  The Cover sheet is here in Adobe format. The 7025 in Adobe is here.

A link to the FINCEN for travel expenses

A link to FINCEN for checking patrol orders is here

Flotilla Finder, Find a flotilla by Zip Code

Free Anti-virus software from Grisoft and VCatch.  You can evaluate others at this site.




Some added forms to be used for damage claims.  The Handbook with instructions is here

The claims  worksheet is here and the memo to be prepared when repairs are complete is here.



Notes and reminders are here:


UDC Phone Orders 

Phone orders may be placed from 0800 to 1530 Monday thru Friday eastern standard time.
You may use Mastercard, Visa, Discover, American Express, or the Charge To Pay method
(only Active Duty Members can use the Charge To Pay method). The UDC stops taking phone 
orders at 1530 everyday.

To place a phone order, call: 1-800-874-6841 or (609)861-1221


On AUXDATA password problems, if an Auxiliarist has a problem with AUXDATA passwords, they will need to go through their SO-IS who in turn should contact the DSO-IS with an email with the person's name, level of access, Division and flotilla numbers, and their member number and the DSO-IS will arrange to have the password reset.   Application for AUXDATA passwords should go thru your SO-IS.     


You can change your password by clicking on preferences on the left hand column on the opening page. In the same block is a link to all of your flotilla officers with an e-mail address hot linked to the small envelope next to the name. That same functions there for division and district staff officers. Below the division listing are all the flotillas within the division and below the district listing are all the divisions in the district. By using these features you can click on whatever level you wish to check on and 'drill down' to the individual you are looking for without ever having to use the search feature. 

The standard search includes a feature called "sounds like". If you were searching for someone name Monroe and you weren't sure of the spelling you might put Munro in the search box and select "sounds like". 

Your search can be speeded up by selecting the district and division you are searching in if they are known. If you are searching for someone in our district setting the district number to 082 will cause the search engine to check our district only. The search can also be conducted by office. If you wanted all the FSO-OP's in a given division you would select 082, the divisor number you were searching and then under offices held select FSO-OP. By going one block lower you could select a competency and find all the instructors or some other competency in a division, flotilla or even the district. For example a quick click and I found that there are 26 Coxswains in my division. 

The eDirectory is also a secure site. The URL or address begins with https but the best indicator is the small padlock that appears in your lower toolbar just above the time of day. The directory is a great tool and it's uses are only limited by your imagination. Login and give it a try, it's a real timesaver.


For those of you who wish to become webmasters or learn a little more about what we do there is a great deal of information at the AIRS site on how to obtain free space and all the steps needed to get your site approved and listed on the national link list and Flotilla Finder.  Drop a line to the DSO-CS at the bottom of the page for any and all questions.  We would like to welcome a webmaster into each flotilla if we can!


Still can't find it?  Send a note to the DSO-CS