1. Background:


TCT is a requirement for participation in the Boat Crew Program. This training is required as part of the initial training cycle for crew or PWC operator candidates. It is required on a five year cycle for all qualified boat crew program members at the crew, coxswain, or PWC operator level and active QEs are on a two year cycle. This scheduled eight hour training course can only accomplished by classroom attendance taught by a US Coast Guard certified TCT facilitator (AUX or CG) on orders.


QEs are being instructed in the current QE workshops that there are no waived tasks and all blocks including TCT training must be completed (or up to date) before any Dockside Oral Examination can be initiated. FYI: Dockside must be completed before the Underway Check Ride can start.


In the past, the presentation of TCT training opportunities for members has not been well dissimulated in the district. This has resulted in members missing training opportunities in their area but outside of their immediate division.


2. Plan to correct this problem:


The DIRAUX’s OTO will provide a copy of the request for a TCT facilitator(s) to the CG to the DSO-MT. This request has the date and location of the training requested. The DSO-MT will then reformat the information and email to all SO-MT and their DCP (info EXCOM and Section Chiefs). In addition, the DSO-CS will be asked to include this information on the 8ER web site.


Although travel reimbursement is not normally provided Auxiliary members to attend TCT, the OTO will review requests sent to him via the chain of leadership for exceptions to this policy and will make recommendations to the DIRAUX.


Please advise your members of the TCT availability especially for our newer members wanting to participate in the boat crew program. Historically, TCT has been presented on a limited basis and this does not appear to be changing.


3. Action by members to attend TCT.


Members or their elected/appointed officers should contact the POC for additional information and the availability of seats. The POC is the lead, not the facilitator; therefore, all contact should be with the POC or their Division Captain.


 Current Planned Opportunities:  


TCT from Pittsburgh MSU.
10 April, 2008 for USCG Reserves(11 people)
23rd April, 2008 for USCG active duty(12 people).

Contact Dave Simon spirepoint@comcast.net 


A 8 hour TCT session is planned for Saturday, 21 June 2008,
0800 to 1700 CDT. The training will be held at facilities of the
American Red Cross in downtown Decatur not far from the
River off US 31.  The address is 431Holly St, Decatur, AL.
(A map is attached). Uniform is Blue Trops long.
POC is Duncan Wilkinson, email address and phone as below,
Duncan Wilkinson
(H) 256-582-2545
(C) 256-218-9773