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Butler, PA

Americas' Boating Course Tues & Thurs. 10/21/08 thru 10/30/08 (4 sessions) 1900 to 2100
Butler Airport Bldg. Conference Room
Air port Road
Contact Joe Lanz 724-625-1016
jlanz@nauticom.net  $25

Limited number of students per class.  For information & registration call 724-625-1016 or 412-741-9054

Robinson Township, PA

Boating Skills & Seamanship (8 sessions) Wed. 15 Oct. thru 26 Nov.  1930 to 2130
Burkett Elementary School
5501 Steubenville, Pike
Contact Ron Bogdan 412-787-2571  ronbogdan@hotmail.com  $45

Please be at school at 7 PM the first night for registration