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U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary 8th Eastern Region

Eighth District Eastern Region

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Who We Are:  The Coast Guard Auxiliary is an organization of approximately 30,000 volunteers who donate their time and their facilities (boats, aircraft and radios) to assist  the U.S. Coast Guard as authorized by the Commandant in performing any Coast Guard function, power, duty, role, mission or operation authorized by law.  The Auxiliary’s role does not extend to any Coast Guard military or direct law enforcement missions.  The United States Coast Guard Auxiliary was established by an Act of Congress as a non-military organization composed of citizens of the United States and its territories and possessions, who are seventeen years of age or older, subject to a favorable Personnel Security Investigation.  Facility (radio station, vessel, or aircraft) ownership and special skills are desirable, but not mandatory.    

Eighth District:  The Eighth Coast Guard District, headquartered in New Orleans, covers all or part of 26 states throughout the Gulf Coast and heartland of America.  It stretches from the Appalachian Mountains and Chattahoochee River in the east, to the Rocky Mountains in the west, and from the U.S./Mexico border and the Gulf of Mexico to the Canadian border in North Dakota.  The Eighth Coast Guard District is divided into three Auxiliary regions. 

The Eastern Region includes all or part of ten states, as follows: all of Kentucky and West Virginia; in Missouri: Perry, Cape 
Girardeau, Scott, Mississippi and New Madrid Counties; in Tennessee: that portion of Lake County north and west of a line 
drawn from the Mississippi River at latitude 36[deg]20[min] N and longitude 89[deg]32[min]30[sec] W due east to Highway 78, 
thence northeast along Highway 78 to the Kentucky/Tennessee state line, and all other counties in Tennessee except Shelby, 
Tipton, Lauderdale, Dyer and Obion Counties; in Alabama: Colbert, DeKalb, Franklin, Jackson, Lauderdale, Lawrence, Limestone,
 Madison, Marshall, and Morgan Counties; in Mississippi: Alcorn, Prentiss, and Tishomingo Counties except for that portion of the 
Tennessee-Tombigbee Waterway south of the Bay Springs Lock and Dam; that portion of Pennsylvania south of 
latitude 41[deg]00[min] N and west of longitude 79[deg]00[min] W; those parts of Indiana and Ohio south of latitude 41[deg]00[min]
 N; in Illinois: Jackson, Williamson, Saline, Gallatin, Union, Johnson, Pope, Hardin, Alexander, Pulaski, and Massac Counties, and 
in Randolph County, that part of the Upper Mississippi River below mile 109.9, including both banks; that part of the Lower 
Mississippi River above mile 869.0.  This area includes more than 8,000 miles of waterways.  Coast Guard Sector Ohio Valley 
is responsible for maintaining the safety and security of all commercial and recreational traffic in this area. 

Activities:  The U.S. Coast Guard may utilize the Auxiliary for any purpose incident to carrying out its functions and duties as authorized by the Commandant and any motorboat, yacht, aircraft, or radio station placed at its disposition for any such purpose by any member of the Auxiliary.  Any such facility so volunteered shall be deemed a U.S. Coast Guard Facility while assigned to authorized Coast Guard duty.  Each year Auxiliarists (people just like you) save almost 400 lives, assist some 10,000 boaters in distress, conduct more than 100,000 free vessel safety checks of recreational vessels and teach over 130,000 students in boating and water safety courses.  The results of these activities save taxpayers well over $100,000,000 every year. 

Vision Statement:  Eighth District, Eastern Region – The best trained and most valued volunteers in the U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary…effective during normal operations and ready for emergencies. 

Mission Statement: To recruit, organize, train and retain U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary Volunteers to provide delivery of recreational boating safety and environmental security services to the boating public, and to assist the U.S. Coast Guard during normal operations as well as times of emergency.


David L. Maul

District Commodore

Eighth District, Eastern Region



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