Little Circle Patrol

By Dick Wiening, FSO-PB 8-11


     At 0930 on Wednesday, July 28th, 2004 The Little Circle Patrol launched from the upper boat ramp at Barkley Dam.  The patrol was a three vessel fleet consisting of Bob Boling’s “Haven II”, Jerry Turley’s “On Coors”, and Doug Johnson’s “Ruby B”.

     The patrol proceeded west through the Connector Canal to Kentucky Lake where they cooled their heels for an hour waiting to be locked down to the Tennessee River.  From the Kentucky Dam tail water it was down river on the Tennessee to the Ohio River at Paducah, Kentucky.  After checking the Paducah riverfront the patrol proceeded up the Ohio to Smithland and into the Cumberland River.  Proceeding up the Cumberland to the Barkley Dam was a lot less crowded than the Tennessee and Ohio River’s heavy barge traffic.  With the pending McAlpine Lock shutdown all three rivers  were clogged with moored barges.

     Bob Boling’s “Haven II”, representing Flotilla 8-7 was crewed by Elaine Nalley and Maggie Gammon.  Jerry Turley’s “Oncoors” represented both Flotillas 8-7 and 8-11 as  Jerry is an honorary member of 8-11.  The “Oncoors” was crewed by Darrell Gammon and Wes Smith was along as a crewmember in training while Jerry was PATCOM for the trip.  Doug Johnson’s “Ruby B” represented Flotilla 8-11. Doug and crewmember Al Romero, our illustrious commander, provided training to Tom Munsterman and Dick Wiening  along for the day.

     The patrol was a great success and a beautiful day on the water.  The trip was excellent training for all hands, especially in locking down at Kentucky Dam and locking up at Barkley Dam.  A productive 7.6 hours on the water.  But then any day on the water is a great day.